Why BCS: Pam Fulmer

Why BCS: Pam Fulmer
Posted on 04/11/2023
The Fulmer Family

Over the next few months, parents will decide where to enroll their children for the ’23-’24 school year.

Bellefontaine City Schools is asking Why BCS?

Parent Pam Fulmer shares her story.

I’ve been impressed with Bellefontaine City Schools since we first moved to the area. As a parent who had children with speech delays, I knew reading would be an area of concern in their early education. We had many questions: If a child cannot produce the sounds of language how difficult would it be to use phonics to sound out words? Would their reading fluency be delayed? BCS quickly evaluated them and created a plan to receive speech therapy. With their implementation of “No Student Left Behind” and the quick implementation of IEP services (Individualized Education Program), our children did not struggle to keep up with their peers.

Early on BCS also starts the screening and intervention for students identified as gifted. We were very impressed with these services as well. They have kept our children on track and helped ready them for college.

One of the biggest perks of having our children attend BCS is the opportunity to take College Credit Plus (CCP) and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. These classes have prepared them for the rigor of college.

The success of completing college courses with the guidance of your high school teachers builds confidence. “I felt very comfortable coming in as a college freshman this year. I knew I could handle college classes because I had done many while in high school,” said Sarah Fulmer, freshman at Miami University.

Taking these types of classes also has another tangible perk. Ohio State senior Amy Fulmer explained, “Because of the amount of college credit I received through BHS, I came into OSU with junior status. This allowed me to schedule with upperclassmen, which decreased the chance of getting shut out of my classes.”

As a parent, this can help tremendously with the cost of higher education by decreasing the number of classes they have to take and the time they will spend on campus.

My children have also had the opportunity to enjoy athletics at BCS. BHS Principal Jason Brown promotes a “We over Me” attitude. This builds character and a strong work ethic. It allows students to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. They see how their attitude, sacrifice, and willingness to push themselves improve their skills and inspire better performance from their teammates. This results in a winning team culture and sets the entire team up for success.

When we moved to the Indian Lake region last summer, there was NOT a single doubt we were going to open enroll our son at BHS. We are 100% confident in our decision.

If you would like to learn more about enrolling your children at BCS, contact the board office at 937-593-9060.

Kindergarten screening will be held at Bellefontaine Elementary School on May 22nd-25th.

Photo: The Fulmer Family

The Fulmer Family
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