BCS leader offers tips during Bus Safety Week

BCS leader offers tips during Bus Safety Week
Posted on 10/21/2021
Bellefontaine Elementary students exiting a bus.

Bellefontaine City Schools Transportation Supervisor Tammie Garman is offering tips during National School Bus Safety Week, which is October 18th-22nd.

“Although safety in and around all school buses is always at the forefront of everyone in the industry’s mind, this week it’s focused on even more. Law enforcement has an increased presence around buses this week, and many will even be following them along their routes to ensure that other motorists are obeying the laws.

“The theme this year is “Be Safe - Know the Danger Zone.” This refers to the 10-12 feet area around a school bus that we teach students as the Danger Zone. We teach students to stay out of this area. If you can’t see the driver, they can’t see you. The potential of getting hurt increases in this area. Drivers teach their students, but reminders from parents and others certainly won’t do any harm.

“Many states (including Ohio) have strict procedures that must be followed when it comes to school bus stops and crossing students. They may seem pointless to some, but the procedures are put there for EVERY CHILD’S SAFETY.

“Studies have shown that a school bus is the safest form of transportation to and from school. It’s important for not only the students, but for everyone to see the importance of following the rules and laws. A child’s life could depend on it.

“School bus drivers have vehicles, on a daily basis, run through their red lights while loading or unloading students. The bus drivers try to record the license plates for law enforcement. You’re asked to report violations, too. We don’t want to be a statistic with an injured student because someone neglected to stop for a school bus.

“Let’s all work together to keep our future leaders safe, not only this week, but all year long. School bus drivers carry our most precious cargo.”

Watch a video of Garman and BCS bus drivers detailing safety at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eZbCxvuD7e56IGyS5m9LGEi55_4Zp-FT/view
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