Sanford shares how to empower students

Sanford shares how to empower students
Posted on 04/05/2022
Brenda Sanford speaks to BCS administrators.

Bellefontaine administrators recently learned how mental health affects students in the classroom and beyond.

Local expert Brenda Sanford led a presentation earlier this semester on empowering students.

Sanford is the director and lead therapist of Light the Way Christian Counseling in Bellefontaine.

She’s also a longtime board member with Bellefontaine City Schools.

Sanford noted the many struggles that students face today.

She said the key is to help without enabling.

Sanford said everyone is co-dependent to feel good about themselves.

Additionally, our self-worth as a person is established during our childhood.

Sanford has been a therapist for over 20 years.

Her goal is to help each client find their solution and feel like they’re the expert in their life.

The same mindset should be used when administrators/teachers help students through a challenging time.

Finally, Sanford said the most important thing is forming relationships with students.

She added, “One of the things I’ve noticed as a social worker in the community – it is very challenging to discern the difference between giving someone a hand up to empower them to do better or to give them a hand out, which reinforces their challenging situation. We want to give them wings to fly on their own. We want to empower them.”

Photo: Therapist Brenda Sanford speaks to BCS administrators about empowering students through mental/emotional challenges.
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