Back to school parent info

Back to school parent info
Posted on 09/30/2020
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Yesterday, a representative from the Logan County Health Department was in the district to get CO2 (Carbon dioxide) readings in classrooms.  The district has been working very closely with the LCHD officials.  They have been incredible people to work with and we have been following the recommendations from that department.  We share the same goal of getting our students back in classrooms.  The results of the readings were very good and are a major factor in the reason we can make a big change going forward. The readings are CO2 air circulation readings, which is an indicator of how often fresh air is being introduced into a given space.  Dr. Hoddinott has said many times, “COVID-19 is a disease of indoor spaces with poor air exchange and no masks.”  The readings confirmed that we have healthy levels of CO2 in our current Blended classrooms.   


We are excited to announce that Bellefontaine City Schools has been working very closely with personnel from the LCHD and we have been given the “green light” for a return to full, in-person learning, five days a week.  This will include all students K-12.  In addition, we have been working hard for the earliest possible return of our students.  We are happy to report that full, in-person learning, five days a week will begin on Monday, October 12, 2020, rather than the previously announced date of November 3.  We fully understand that parents and students are being challenged during this time, as are district staff members.  Our goal has always been to get our students back in the classrooms at the earliest possible time that is safe to do so and stay open.  We look forward to having our students back in the classroom, and furthermore, we believe that while virtual learning has had its share of challenges, we have built a foundation that will serve us well into future. Should BCS have to endure future shutdowns at the classroom or building level, we are better positioned today to continue educating our students. We know it has been difficult and we thank you for your understanding, kindness and patience.  


Prior to returning to in-person learning, five days a week, beginning October 12, families will be given the choice to: 

  • Remain remote 
  • Remain in-person 
  • Move from remote to in-person 
  • Move from in-person to remote 

The opportunity to make a choice will be released through FinalForms very soon and I am asking parents to make their choice by 11:00 p.m. this coming Sunday, October 4. 


Some may ask why the district just now had the CO2 air circulation testing completed.  We had to have our students back in the classrooms to get accurate readings and it would not have done us any good to get readings in empty classrooms.  We have only had half of our students in classrooms for three weeks at this point.  Other schools in the county have had all of their students in their classrooms and those districts have been the focus of the LCHD for the past couple of weeks.  Today, we received our results and the results are good. 


The district has been following the recommendations of our air quality professionals since June and that will continue going forward.  They recommended that we order ionization units to be installed in the univents at both the intermediate and high school buildings and that order was placed weeks ago.  Those units produce ions that attach to viruses and bacteria and cleans the air.  Further, the new buildings have been reprogrammed to introduce additional fresh air in the buildings and to do complete air purges just prior to arrival and immediately following the dismissal of students.  For the health and safety of all students and staff we will continue to follow the mask Order issued by Gov. DeWine, practice social distancing to the greatest extent possible and promote proper handwashing. 


Parents can also expect to receive updates specific to the building their child attends via FinalForms, and district website and Facebook pages.  We also recognize that we need to get transportation information out to you soon.  Please look for those updates after parents have made their choice (by 11:00 p.m. this Sunday) since enrollment will effect some of the decisions that have to be made. 


We are very excited to have the students back!  Please stay tuned for additional updates. 


Go Chiefs! 


Brad Hall 

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