Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions
Posted on 08/14/2020
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions: Updated 8/28/2020


Will Bellefontaine City Schools require my child to wear a mask?


Will students in grades K, 3, 6, 9 still be the ONLY students to start on September 8th?
No.  Since moving to the Blended Learning model, all students, A-L, will begin on September 8th.  All students, M-Z, will begin on September 9th.


I chose full Remote Learning for my student.  What if I need a device?
Families/students who selected remote learning and indicated that they will need a device in FinalForms will be loaned one device per family.  Schedules  for pick up will be organized the week of Aug. 17th.  We anticipate pick up schedules for devices will be available for  the week of Aug. 24th.  Families will be notified to read and review the Electronic Device Loaner Agreement in Final Forms.  After schedules are made, individual appointment times will be communicated to each family.  During the appointment for device pick up, parent/guardians will be required to sign the agreement form and provide a valid ID that matches the signature. 

We do not have a computer at home for my child to use on Blended days when he/she is at home.  Will one be provided?  (updated 8/28/20)
Yes, but not the first week of school.  We ask for your patience as we will need to get a count of the number of blended students who will need a device on the days at home.  This means the first week no student in blended will have a device at home.  We want to teach the students how to log in, find resources, submit assignments, look for feedback etc.

I'm considering purchasing an electronic device.  What would you recommend?  
The district recommends a Chromebook.   While purchase prices vary, the models between $199 and $249.00 would be applicable.

When do students who chose full remote learning start school? 
Students who selected full remote will start school Sept. 8. 


Will students in blended need electronic devices?
Yes, students in the blended setting would benefit from a device. Lessons and materials will be accessible through Schoology. Schoology works on Ipad, Laptops, Desktops, Fire tablets and Smartphones. Schoology has been purchased by the district this year so should not have intermittent access like students experienced in Spring.   The district will deploy what we can at the beginning of school.   More devices were ordered in May.   Due to many schools in need of laptops, the request is on backorder.  To date, the computers will be loaned to remote learners on an as-needed basis, then blended students.   One device per family will be issued.   If we have devices remaining, we will prioritize by need. 

I have more than one student.  How can I use one laptop? 
The lessons and resources are accessible online but may not always require the work to be done online.   Assignments could be offline and then uploaded or emailed.   

What school supplies will I need? 
The school supply lists have been posted on our webpage.   You will not need to double the supplies to work from home.   Traditional items such as pencil, paper, eraser, crayons, pens, and post-its would be helpful to have at home.

Does my student have to login during school on the days they are not in the building?
No, all students will need to log in daily, however, it may not be ideal to log in during school hours.   Teachers will be monitoring Schoology and will respond to home learners within 24 hours.   

When my student is at home will they be logging in to the live lesson at school? 
No, unfortunately, the district does not have the bandwidth to allow all teachers to teach live remote lessons.   Lessons, however, may be recorded and uploaded. 

Should I still rent a 5th grade band or string instrument? 
Yes, although we will not start band and orchestra the first semester, it will be reexamined at the semester.  We must keep students in cohorts throughout the day for safety purposes and therefore, cannot offer band and orchestra due to the mixing of cohorts.

Now that school is blended, will the MS have band, choir, and orchestra? 
Band, choir and orchestra will be offered as an after school club instead of a class.   The club will work remotely through Schoology and be directed by the music staff; Mrs. Young, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Calton.  The clubs will be offered to remote and blended learners.   

If I chose remote learning, when will I find out what the expectations will be?
The district plans to release a student handbook during the week of August 3, 2020.

Will Bellefontaine City School take my child’s temperature every morning?
Bellefontaine City Schools will take a child's temperature at school when other symptoms exists.  We are asking parents to take your child's temperature at home each morning.  If a temperature is over 100.4, keep your child at home.

Why does there seem to be daily changes to the school’s plans?
Changes are made when new information or guidance is released.  The district has no advanced notice of what the Governor or Health Director will say or the orders they might give.  When we get new information or orders, it does take us some time to consider the impact it will have on the whole district.  We do understand that the changes can be frustrating for families and may result in a desire to change your choice regarding remote versus in-person learning for the coming school year.  FinalForms is still open.

Do I need a note from the doctor if my child is out of school for 24 hours or more with a fever?
Guidance is changing continually, but a note from the doctor is not a requirement at this time.  The Common County Re-opening Agreement, approved by Dr. Hoddinott, states, The duration of homestay for a child sent home with a fever is fever free (without medication) for 24 hours (one full day) AND improvement of all other symptoms for 24 hours.  (Or a documented negative COVID 19 test)

Why did the district change the protocol of students participating in co-curricular activities like band, choir, orchestra this year?
Currently, families are able to choose remote or in-person learning, not a blend of the two. 

Keeping safety as our highest priority and using the latest information and guidance from Dr. Hoddinott, Band and Choir classes present the greatest chance of spreading viruses due to the large movement of air.   Band, Choir, and Orchestra are not the only classes effected by this change.  Students who chose remote learning are also not permitted to attend during the school day for advanced classes like AP Chemistry, AP Physics, etc…

Revision to Common County-wide plan:
The CDC recently changed their guidance for non-COVID+ students.  It was previously recommended that non-COVID students had to be fever and symptom-free for 72 hours before returning to school.  The new guidance is fever and symptom-free for 24 hours.  The county-wide plan will be revised and posted on our website and Facebook page.

Will the district be taking student temperatures at the bus stop?
No.  The district is encouraging parents to take temperatures at home before school each day.  The district also intends, to the greatest extent possible, take temperatures at school.

Can my child participate in co-curricular activities (Band, Choir) if I chose remote learning?
Students who have chosen remote learning for the first semester will not be permitted to participate in co-curricular activities.  Homeschooled students will also not be permitted to participate in co-curricular activities during the first semester.  This does not apply to extra-curricular activities.

Can we change our choice after the school year starts?
The choice between in-person or remote learning is a commitment for the first semester.  That full commitment is necessary so the district can plan and fully implement safety measures such as the ability to social distance, balance class sizes, plan meal locations within the buildings, manage bus capacity, etc… We know this is a difficult decision with the information that is valid today, however, the commitment is needed.   We recognize in rare cases there may be extenuating circumstance and will gladly work with you if the need to switch for health reasons arise. 

What is being done to keep the classrooms/buildings clean?

  • All disinfecting products that will be used are EPA approved to kill the COVID virus.
  • All custodial staff have been trained on the usage and proper technique for treating areas with maximum effectiveness.
  • All custodians will be required to use personal protective equipment to protect themselves as well as limiting the risk of transferring viruses.
  • The district will be using a disinfecting system that will provide a process using pre-treated cleaning cloths with disinfectant that are contained once used, then washed daily. Cloths used will be room specific to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • All high contact areas (hallways, playground, cafeteria, doors) will be cleaned/disinfected throughout the day as often as possible.
  • Nurses will keep in communication with custodians regarding possible areas that may need to be disinfected immediately.
  • Adjustments to building HVAC systems will be made to follow CDC recommendations to allow for increased fresh air into building spaces.
  • Isolation spaces will implemented to temporarily quarantine students that have exhibited virus related symptoms, and are awaiting parent pick up at school.
  • Floor markings will be used where needed to help students recognize proper social distancing in specific areas.

What is required of online (remote) learning?
Remote learning will be based off state standards and is intended to mimic the rigor of classroom instruction.  Unlike the remote learning from March, it will now be more engaging with teacher-made videos, live Zoom lessons, and more interactive with teachers.  School computers can be loaned if needed; however, internet access will not be provided by the district at this time.

What safety measures will be in place for on-site learning?

  • More extensive cleaning and disinfecting
  • Students will be provided frequent handwashing breaks
  • Social distancing will be practiced to the greatest extent possible
  • Students will not use locker in an effort to avoid close mass gatherings
  • Hallways will be marked with specific travel patterns
  • There will visual reminders of safety practices on the floors and walls
  • Cafeterias and other locations in the buildings will be used for meals to ensure social distancing is maintained
  • There will be limited switching of classes
    • Elementary School – no switching.Students will stay in cohorts
    • Intermediate School – will switch once during the day and only after our cleaning protocol has been followed
    • Middle School and High School – will maintain their normal switching for each period and cleaning protocols will be followed

If my student is on remote learning, will he/she still receive special services (special education services)?
Yes, we will follow state guidelines to provide services to all students.

If I choose remote learning for my student, can he/she still participate in extra-curricular activities (sports, band, clubs)?
Yes, however, the students/families are responsible for transportation to those after-school activities.

What if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19?
Communication will be developed by the Health Department, not the school district.  A common template will be developed to include the following:

  • Specify to parents which classroom(s) the confirmed case was in (ex. Mr. Smith).
  • More generalized statement to building staff.
  • The school district will cooperate with the Health Department’s work in social tracing.
  • 14-day quarantine will be required of any student who tests positive with COVID 19 and
  • 14-day quarantine will be required of any staff member who is determined to have had “exposure” as determined and documented by the Health Department.
  • The Logan County Health Department will write a letter for the school district to use and the letter will explain/define what is considered “exposure” to COVID 19 that will result in Quarantine.
  • With Health Department guidance, this protocol may change as new information become available.

What happens if I decline to submit the return-to-school form?
This is a difficult time for all who are trying to plan for the opening of school and we would greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation in completing the form.  This information is crucial in our planning for the safety and instruction of all students.  If you still decline to submit the form, we will assume the child will be attending in-person.


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