Third Grade Guarantee

Third Grade Guarantee
Posted on 01/08/2014
Third Grade Guarantee

About the Third Grade Guarantee

The ability to read is the foundation of learning. Research shows that children who are not reading at a third grade level by the end of grade three will likely have trouble learning in all classroom subjects in higher grades. Ohio's Third Grade Guarantee was developed to help ensure that every struggling reader gets the support he or she needs to be able to learn and achieve.

How it Works

In kindergarten through grade three, Bellefontaine City Schools will evaluate all children to determine if they are reading as well as they should be. If a child appears to be falling behind in reading, we will immediately start a reading improvement plan that will address the student's unique reading problems. BCS will then monitor the plan to make sure the student's reading is improving. We would like to work closely with parents to help create a remedy and will provide resources to parents to be able to support the plan.

Advancing to Fourth Grade

Except for students with special circumstances (IEP), the State of Ohio requires that students must meet a minimum score on the state reading test (OAA) to move on to the fourth grade. In 2013-2014, the minimum score set by the state for advancement is 392. This score must be attained either in the Fall or Spring administration of the state reading test. Students may also attend summer school and do summer testing in order to meet the minimum score.

If the student does not meet the required score (392) and is retained in the third grade, BCS will provide the student with a high-performing reading teacher and 90 minutes of reading instruction each school day. A student can still take fourth grade classes in all other subjects, if the student is ready. Schools can move students to the fourth grade in the middle of the year, if the student's reading improves.

For more detailed information and family resources regarding the 3rd grade reading guarantee, please follow the link below to the Ohio Department of Education's web page on the 3rd grade reading guarantee.

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