Alumni Spotlight - Jamie Patrick

Alumni Spotlight - Jamie Patrick
Posted on 03/14/2018
Alumni Spotlight - Jamie Patrick

Parents Name: Rob Patrick and Bonna Patrick
HS Graduating Class: 2009

College(s)/Degree’s Held (Yr): Undergraduate: Duke University, BS in Environmental Science, BA in Earth and Ocean Science (2013)

Graduate: Stanford University, Masters in Business Administration (expected, 2018)


What is your current occupation?  I’m currently a full-time graduate student at Stanford University. When I’m not studying for my classes, I work remotely on agricultural projects in the developing world, which is the type of work started doing when I was in college. I also often work on developing business ideas with friends. Right now, I’m working with a few classmates to develop a service in the realm of caring for seniors.


Current occupation:  As a student, I love the pursuit of learning and being surrounded by professors who are experts in subjects I know nothing about. Being a student again has reminded me to step back from whatever I’m currently working on, look at things in a new way, and invest in developing new sides of myself.

As for the agriculture work, I do it because I derive purpose from the impact it has. One of my projects now is with a client in Angola who is creating a 12,000 acre farm that will meaningfully contribute to the food supply in the region and employ many people. 10 of the assistant managers of this farm will be studying next year at the Royal Agricultural University in England, where I will be fortunate enough to teach a seminar in agribusiness management and applied accounting.

From the perspective of working on a project that may develop into a company, I love the excitement that comes each day from working to start something from nothing. Although the fruit of labor doesn’t come quickly in this avenue, I’m motivated by the promise of creating something that will enhance the way families care for their senior loved ones.


What activities were you involved with as a student at Bellefontaine High School?

I was busy when I was at BHS. I played saxophone in the band and was involved in the musical every year. My club activities included In-the-Know, Envirothon, Science Olympiad, DARE, Interact, Key Club, Agape Club, FCA, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, the school newspaper, and being the class Treasurer all four years. I ran cross country my entire time in high school, as well as swam and played tennis for one year each. One of the beauties of being at BHS was that I wasn’t forced to specialize in only one thing. Though I wasn’t the best at anything I did, I value the experience I gained by being able to do so many different things.


What are some of your favorite memories of growing up in Bellefontaine?


I can’t be grateful enough for the upbringing I had in Bellefontaine. As I sat down to write about my favorite memories, new ones continued to spring to mind. Before I stopped myself, I had a list of a dozens of “favorite” memories. After great consideration, I’ve narrowed the list to 5 of my favorite memories:

- Stargazing for shooting stars with my family on summer nights, always confusing lightning bugs for spectacular meteorites

- Catching salamanders and crawdads in Opossum Run using cut-off milk jugs

- Playing ultimate frisbee all day and capture-the-flag all night at the annual Cross Country team campouts

- Dressing up as Santa Claus with my high school principal and giving out candy on the last day of school before Winter Break.

- Making pancakes with my Boy Scout troop and competing to see who could eat the most



What about Bellefontaine City Schools helped prepare you for your post HS endeavors?

BCS prepared me for life after graduating in more ways than giving me access to smart teachers and great textbooks. The education I received at BCS was one that taught me to enjoy learning, believe in my capabilities, work hard, and always give my best. I attribute this to learning from teachers who were deeply invested in my development. My teachers showed their commitment to my growth by staying long after class to help me prepare for AP tests, running me through workouts by myself when I couldn’t make it to regular practice, and even teaching an entirely new course after a few friends and I expressed interest in the subject. In addition to my teachers, I would be remiss not to also acknowledge my parents for the large role they played in any preparedness I had to face the world after high school. They have been my biggest teachers, and BCS wouldn’t have had a chance getting me to graduation if it weren’t for their constant love and direction.

It’s a great honor be featured in a BCS Alumni Spotlight. I’m proud of Bellefontaine and though I’m not currently living in our city, I’ve been able to successfully lobby a group of 25 MBA students from Stanford to visit Bellefontaine on a school field trip they will be taking across the Midwest at the end of March. Hopefully their trip will help them see why I find Bellefontaine to be such a special place.

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